Part I: An Introduction
Many of you reading this already know what the Force is, you may already know that it is an energy field that is scientifically provable. However the Force is deeper than just energy, it is spiritual in nature. The Force connects all living things, gives animation to the universe, and provides a template for existence. Yet those explanations are too broad to go into any real detail on. To put it simply, the Force is that so called “Mystical”, “Holy”, or “Unexplainable” energy found in nearly every religion and science philosophy. It’s a blanket term for those energies, as each of them are interconnected and each can be converted between each other and shares the same properties. These properties are that this energy guides, invigorates or is generated by life, it may be used or tapped into with proper training, and is infinite in its potential. Just knowing this you now know what the Force is, but there is so much more.

Part II: Other Names for the Force
Before going any further it is prudent to list some of the other possible names for The Force. Some may disagree on some of these references, others may wish to include others, but these are some of the more popular ones: Chi, Pharahna, Tao, Vigor, Life, Mana, Holy Spirit, Spirit, Higher Energy, Enlightening Energy, as well as many others.

Part III: The Force, building block for reality
It is a belief of some students of The Force that it is the building block for all of reality. This reasoning comes from the difficulty of detecting the Force it’s self, but the ease of detecting it’s presence during scientific experiments and meditation! This could be because The Force is energy so minute that it is the basic building block particle/wave/energy of all reality. The Jury may still be out on this, but this could explain why The Force allows some people the use of telepathy, seeing of the past and future, and even the ability to alter the physical world around them. Others may never find these abilities and yet still have a relationship with The Force and not be able to explain it guiding them out of a dangerous situation, to beneficial situations, or altering their state of mind. If the Force is the basic building block of reality this then provides an easily acceptable reason for why it allows such capabilities.

Part IV: Aspects of the Force
There are many aspects of The Force, yet there are 3 widely accepted aspects used for interpretation of The Force. These aspects are in no way separate from The Force, yet they help with explaining how The Force works and acts within daily life. These aspects are The Personal Force, The Living Force, and The Unifying or Guiding Force.

Written for The Jediism Way by Lightningstrike