The topic of a symbol for the Jedi can stir up a mixed response. This symbol was created a couple of years ago by Relan Volkum for the site JEDI. JEDI was the first site that I participated at so this symbol has always been in the back of my mind has having some real meaning. With the rework of this website and forum I decided to put this symbol to use for the symbol of the Jedi. Personally, I like a symbol that is simple, clean, and has meaning to it and the symbol found throughout this site and on the forum fits into that template. Jediism is just one part of the Jedi as is a Christian Jedi and many of the other beliefs within the Jedi that exist. The symbol represents the one unifying factor of all of us, we are Jedi. Below I am including the meaning of the symbol written by Relan Volkum.

Jedi Xhaiden


The green stands for “wisdom,” the red “will of action,” and the blue “knowledge.” With these three combined, the yellow “truth and enlightenment” will be given to you through the Force. The Aurabesh words mean A-Z, or the Beginning and End, which is all that is all in terms of the Force. Yes, blue, red, and green, are representations of the Living Force, Unifying Force, etc.

The white lines represent purity. If one doesn’t remain pure and open with these qualities, the Force will not work through you and will ignore you as you ignore its qualities. Outside is the color gray, standing for those who believe to be part of the Force, yet remains portioned to the outside, which is black/white/whatever color you want the background to be, doesn’t matter, i.e. the separation of the Force and you…call it death, despair, whatever.

This is what I believed the path of the Jedi was. That is why I created the symbol.

By Relan Volkum