To become a Jedi is a way of life and only takes living by a set of beliefs and ideals. However, many people want more formal training. There are many methods to receiving further education on the Jedi philosophy and below is the listed sites that we suggest. The three methods is Academy Style, Solo Training, and Traditional Training. Below we will discuss each method and list the suggested sites or individuals.

Academy Style
This is a method where you enroll into a training program where classes are taught and you move through a curriculum that has been put in place by the institution. The best place to receive an academy style program for Jedi is the Institute for Jedi Realist Studies (IJRS). We officially recognize any rank achieved through the IJRS. If you have achieved a rank through the IJRS send Xhaiden a message on the forum and he will add a rank badge to your profile showing your achievements.

The Institute for Jedi Realist Studies (IJRS)


Solo Training
This is a method that allows the individual to teach themselves. It can take place in many methods and can be a combination of many styles. Most that use this method use a combination of reading information around the Jedi Community, other books/writings, talking with Jedi when help is needed or just to learn more which can also be done through discussion forums like Jediism Way and many others around the community. In order to gain a rank through this method you still must be evaluated. Below is a list of sites that will offer an evaluation system to progress through the ranks as a Jedi. We strongly reccomend utilizing the Jedi Library housed here, click on the Library link across the main menu as we have over 300 writings in our library.

Kharis Institute


Traditional Training
This method is the method most are familiar with in the Star Wars universe. This is a traditional Master-Mentor/Apprentice method. You can find a Master/Mentor and train with them and when they feel you have achieved a rank we will recognize that achievement. If you train with someone not on this list you just need to either go through an evaluation system mentioned under the Solo Training method or have a Mentor/Master that is recognized approve you. If you are a Master/Mentor and would like to be on this list please contact Xhaiden for more information. You must be a recognized Master in the Jedi Community before being added to this list.