To become a Jedi is not a matter of just saying you are a Jedi and that’s it. It takes a level of commitment, dedication, and a foundation of knowledge. To call yourself a Jedi takes a base understanding of the Four Pillars of the Jedi, the Three Practices, and The Path to Inner Peace.

We are currently working on a self-paced workbook that goes through all of the basics of the Jedi path. Upon completion you would have the proper foundation to call yourself a Jedi! Upon completion you would be listed as a Jedi and also be given a image that you can use in your signatures signifying you are a recognized Jedi in the community. Remember, this is just the foundation, from here it is your choice on if you want to go into a training program to become a Knight or a Master which we have great sites and individuals listed on our Jedi Training page. Completion of this workbook will allow you to officially take on the title of Jedi and start your journey!

We will have the workbook created by July of 2015 but if you are here and want to start on the Jedi path as a Jedi, contact Xhaiden through the site and he can set you up with a few people to help move you through that process. Remember, Jediism is a part of the Jedi path for those that choose it, we are still all Jedi at our roots! We want to see the Jedi grow strong and the only way we will ever reach that point is with a strong foundation.