“Jedi are a noble order of protectors, guardians of peace and justice, unified by their belief and observance of the Force. They are individuals who actively work to improve their own life and the lives of those around them every day.”

The above is the definition of a Jedi that was worked on by members across the Jedi community. Below will be expansion on this definition.

At this site you are going to find individuals that refer to themselves as Jedi Realists. The first thing is, the Jedi at this site do not pretend to be the Jedi from the movies. We do not have lightsabers, can’t shoot lightning out of our fingers, can’t make objects fly across the room, and do some of the other amazing movie magic tricks you saw in the movies. A Jedi Realist as quote from www.thejedi.org is:

“Jedi Realists are people who have recognized the philosophical value of the Star Wars mythology, mainly the fictional Jedi, and have integrated the outlook and values they present.”

This is what you will find at this site. The next question is, what is a Jedi? Below you will find the dictionary style definition of a Jedi. However, this site has added a little more depth to the standard definition as to what a Jedi is.

In the following, we are going to expand on the definition of a Jedi mentioned at the top. There are two things that need to be stated up front before we start discussing more in-depth what a Jedi is. The first thing is, the Jedi’s path is a way of living, thinking, and believing. It is an individualistic path; therefore it is impossible to lay out a detailed road map and say every Jedi does X, Y, and Z. The second thing is that we all come from very different lives, histories, and locations. Customs, beliefs, and other factors will be different from society to society, and sometimes these differences will be great. As Jedi, we need to remember that just because something is wrong, disgusting, and etc. to us, does not mean people in a different cultures do not look at what we do and say the same thing.

As mentioned above, the life of a Jedi is a very individualist path, however, there is a foundation which a majority of Jedi share, whether it is openly stated or kept to private. The Jedi Way is much like a house. Every house must have a foundation in order for the house to stand. If there is no foundation or if the foundation is faulty the house will fall. When the foundation is sturdy the house will be strong and will stand for all time. Each house has the commonality of the foundation, however, above that foundation, is where everything changes. Each house is different in its own way. Some houses are shaped differently, have different colors, are designed differently inside, and etc. Even though each house is different and unique does not mean it still does not share the same aspects in a foundation. Below you will find the foundation of a Jedi.

-A Jedi knows, is, and works with and within the Force. A Jedi studies the Force, uses, and helps the growth of the Force. A Jedi is to be guided, influenced, and helped by the Force and also relies on the Force.

-A Jedi follows the Jedi code, or a code that contains the same lessons and principles of the Jedi code.

-A Jedi must contain the qualities found in the Truisms or Maxims. For these are the qualities that show who we are through actions and words. However they may be worded through different versions and personal interpretations these qualities still must be present in all Jedi.

-A Jedi works to preserve individual freedom. Freedom is the ability to choose for yourself. Countries have laws in place to protect freedoms of the individual, however, at times those laws step beyond that ability. It is our duty through the Truisms to peacefully and lawfully work towards changing that with what ability we have. To take away someone else’s choice is against what the Jedi stand for.

Now it is known that not every Jedi will agree with everything mentioned here. However, we feel this is what makes up the foundation of a Jedi. As you can see there is room for interpretation and above this it is your own path, however, what you see above must be present for a Jedi, to be a Jedi.

Written for The Jediism Way by Jedi Xhaiden The dictionary definition was created by many members from the Jedi Community