There are two components to the Jedi Order, the first is ranks and the second is positions. The ranks of Laity, Paladin, and Sage can hold any of the positions.


Companion – someone that does not consider themselves a Jedi but is either interested in possibly becoming a Jedi or is just a guest of the Jedi Order and would like to participate as a non-Jedi. A companion is not actually part of the Jedi order until they decide to become a Laity or Paladin, then they are a full member of the Order.

Laity – considers themselves a Jedi and believes in and follows the Force, Jedi Code, and Truisms but has not officially taken the Jedi vow.

Paladin – A Jedi that has taken the Jedi Vow and officially adopted the Jedi Philosophy in their lives

Sage – someone that has proven themselves over time to be a Jedi of great wisdom, experience, and judgment. Someone that not only knows and understands the Jedi Philosophy but if they embody it.


Mentor – a Jedi that has completed mentor training is able to mentor fellow Jedi

Minister – a Jedi that has completed minister training can perform a multitude of services

Writer – a Jedi that writes materials, lessons, or books for the Jedi community

Contributor – A Jedi that writes articles about the Jedi path for various websites

Coordinator – a Jedi that coordinates Jedi gatherings or other activities

Historian – a Jedi that documents and maintains the history of the Jedi.

Public Relations – a Jedi that focuses on media relations, social networking, and other avenues that help deal with the public face of the order.