Jediism is a very personal and individualistic religion but as you look through the website you will see there are many different paths in Jediism. Some of the members here follow very different paths in life though here at Jediism many of us share similar viewpoints. First, there is only the Force. This is the foundation of Jediism. The Force is our religion and in that, it is not a question of belief in a God or not, for us it simply doesn’t come into play as we believe the guidance of the Force will bring us to a course of right action. As a result, some have been guided to a belief in a God and others have not, but all believe that the Force will set them on their best path possible. The root of the word “Jediism” is “Jedi”. To find out more about what a Jedi is and learn what Jedi believe and do, please continue on to the section about Jedi. Jediism does not require prayer, worship, or other such actions as some other religions might. Instead of ceremonies, members of Jediism share common beliefs and ideals. One of the definitions for religion is a sharing of common beliefs and that’s exactly what makes Jediism a religion. Our fundamental belief in the Force is the overall common belief shared by all Jediism members. You will also find other belief systems in the forum; however, this site is solely intended for discussing Jediism, although all views and people of differing beliefs are welcome on the forum and blogs and currently do participate. As mentioned before, it is our views of the Force that make Jediism what it is. In the Jedi Community, you will find many Christian Jedi, Muslim Jedi, Jewish Jedi, and many other faiths incorporated with the Jedi path. What separates us all is how we feel about the Force. There are certain core views and beliefs that must be present for someone to be able to call themselves a Jedi that you can learn about in the Jedi section.

What unites all of us is our beliefs/philosophies of the Jedi path. There is definitely some room for debate in what exactly are the Jedi beliefs and philosophies but this is not part of the religious aspect. As you look through the website and forum we hope that this helps you understand Jediism. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to use the contact us form on the homepage of the website or else post some questions in the forum. We hope you find what you are looking for and if Jediism can help you out that journey we welcome you!!

We at Jediism Way will never ask for money, donations (unless donating towards a cause), will not ask you to take vows, oaths, or any other form to be a member, it is simply a belief in only the Force and that is the home of Jediism