The following meditations are just to get you started!! Some may find these of great use and some people may not. Be curious when looking at meditation and be like a sponge. Soak up everything you learn as you never know what you might find to be useful. You can found thousands of meditations online so again, what is below is to just get you started!!

Meditate in some very uncomfortable position in the shower, water hitting as squarely as posible on the top of your head, with the water just a few degrees colder than comfortable. If your house has a small water heater, this will work even better, because as you use up the hot water, it will slowly get colder. Meditate so deeply within your inner self that you do not notice the tempterature of the water, or even the fact that it is falling on you.

To help gain this, I recommend getting about 5-6 candles, and lighting them near the shower/tub, but not where they will get wet, or catch anything on fire…then turn out the internal lights and let the dim light help to take you out of the normal feeling.

by Doragon Reklaw

Do this in a complete quiet spot with no noise because the slightest distraction can completely mess up your meditation. Next, after you have assumed your meditation position and found a quiet spot you must clear your mind which is another diffcult task to do at first. After you have done this you visualize yourself only in a white room, like that loading program in the Matrix, then once you are there feel as if you are breathing the very air there, then you use your mind to generate any place. Once you generate your “mind simulation” as I call them, you do as you wish. However, as easy as it sounds, trying to remove yourself from the physical world and into a fabricated world of your own is quite hard, but not impossible to do. Now how this helps me is it allows you to actually visualize yourself training, and simulating actual scenario of some sort. Now it sounds quite odd I know, especially since I compared it to the Matrix and it is pretty much the same thing, but it will help.

by Wolfwood

This is not as much a meditation exercise as it is how to breathe when meditating and learn how to do it properly. Many people without realizing breathe very shallow. Breathe as you normally do and pay attention to how much you fill up your lungs. Don’t breathe any different then normal. Many times when you consciously pay attention to it you will do it correctly. Not everyone, but a majority of people should notice that they are only filling up a small portion of their lungs. Increased breathing speeds increase your heart rate, which results in other factors. Our goal should be to have a relaxed steady heart beat which is a result of steady full breaths.

Sitting in a chair, in a proper position with your back straight do the following. In one count fill your entire lungs. The next one count let it all out and repeat. After doing this a number of times you will feel a little light headed. At that point you can stop. This is just to give you the feeling of a full breath. Make sure when you are breathing in you don’t lift your shoulders up or do anything that causes tension in your upper body. You are to remain totally relaxed.

If you tend to breathe shallow it will take a while to instill the habit of a full breath. Don’t rush it, eventually you will find yourself just doing it without thinking. Deep breathing exercises also aid in you entering a meditative state.

To begin with we will start with a 5 count, basically it is 5 seconds. I second per one count. What you do is totally exhale all the air from your lungs. Hold that for a 5 count then breathe in steadily for a 5 count. Make sure you don’t fill your lungs up on the first count, on the 5th count is when your lungs should be full. Hold that for a 5 count and then exhale steadily for a 5 count. Repeat this as many times as possible. Make sure you are not lifting your shoulders up and down as you breathe in and out or anything else that would cause tension in your body. Once this becomes easy begin to mess around with the number of counts for each part.

Here are some examples:
Breathe in for 2 – Hold for 8 – Exhale 5 – Hold 4 – Repeat
Breathe in for 6 – Hold for 15 – Exhale 2 – Hold 6 – Repeat

Make up different number counts. Turn it into a challenge for yourself. Remember, if you are tensing up at all you are doing this incorrectly and practicing bad habits. It’s much harder to break a bad habit and relearn a good habit then it is to just learn it right the first time so take your time.

by Jedi Xhaiden

This is easy to do, either before you go to bed, or just as you wake up. Lay on your back either on the floor or on the bed, whichever suites you, and then put your arms at your sides. Begin relaxing all of your muscles, beginning with your feet and ending with your head. Have your eyes closed and take deep, slow, methofdical breaths. Each time you breathe in, imagine taking in a visible, “Lightened” air. Everytime you breathe out, imagine Breathing out cares, doubts, worries, pain, be it physical or ewmotional. Any stress you have, let it bleed away this way. Do this for about ten minutes.

By now you should be relaxed. I usually fold my arms, and by the time I can’t feel my arms, I know I have completed the first step. Not because they are numb, but because I am so drawn inward, that my arms do not matter, nor any other limb. Once you have done this, clear your mind. After you have calmed your mind, picture a brilliant white orb about 4 Feet from your head. It should be in view, in your mind’s eye. It should be shining light, not like a sun, but like a brilliant “disco Ball”. Let it slowlyy spin, and shed light all over your neck, head and face. Then let the orb travel the length of your body, spreading light everywhere. See the light and imagine it as a warm ray of sunshine touching your arm at noon after you’ve been inside all day. Take in the warmth, the glow and the heat from the orb. Dwell on this for at least 20 minutes, having the orb travel upwards and downwards the length of your body repeatedly.

Slowly come out of the meditation by removing the orb, and gently brining yourself back into a conscious state of awareness. If there is any sounds, concentrate on the sounds and slowly remember where you are, what time it my be, day of the week etc;. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP. This is key. After you have meditated, you should take a while before sleeping, otherwise you will be tired the next day, no matter what. Or thats how it was with me. If I took a breather before sleep, I find that the meditation helps me rest more, as opposed to simply going from meditation and skipping the breather and going into sleep mode.

by Sindorin