Meditation – continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature; the habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge.

The definition of meditation that many dictionaries give is what you see above. Many people believe due to misconceptions that meditation is a prayer or some sort of worship. I found this following quote on a website that is a brief excerpt from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche which I thought was very applicable:

“We are so addicted to looking outside ourselves,
that we have lost access to our inner being almost completely.
We are terrified to look inward, because our culture has given us no idea of what to find.
We may even think that if we meditate, we will be in danger of madness.
This is one of the last and most resourceful ploys of the ego
to prevent us from discovering our real nature.
So, we make our lives so hectic that we eliminate the slightest risk of looking into ourselves…..
In a world dedicated to distraction, silence and stillness terrify us.”

Through meditation you clear your mind of all the chaos and clutter that enters it due to our lives in and around us. Society from our earliest ages instills a life of constant motion. Just take a look at shows for today’s kids like Sesame Street. Just watching those shows they are only staying on each topic for a very short amount of time and then they are off to the next topic and so on. We are instilled very young that life is always on the go and in constant motion. Many people get caught up in this trap for their entire lives and never take some time each day to slow down and learn how to clear that clutter from their minds permanently or just temporarily.

The goal of meditation is to develop our mind, erase negative thoughts, develop wisdom, and instill positive thinking. To achieve these goals we must have a calm, clear, and concentrated mind. It allows us to keep our own mind and thoughts in check. As the quote goes, you are your own best teacher. Well, in this case, you make yourself into your own best psychologist. When your mind is cleared you are able to see clearly. When having to make an important decision or reflecting upon a situation many times our emotions get in the way and can rule our decisions or actions. If we take time and meditate we can bring our mind into a clear state where emotions can’t rule our decisions and actions. It is here where the Force can speak to us clearly and freely.

The word meditation, comes from the Latin words: meditari (to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind) and mederi (to heal) and its Sanskrit derivation, medha, means “wisdom”.

Over time and practice we can hone our skills of meditation you can go into that mental state much more quickly. Also by learning the basis of meditation you can understand how your mind thinks and reasons. When you are able to achieve that goal you can assess situations and challenges with a focused and clear mind.

Many people also believe that meditation couldn’t help them along with they don’t have enough time in their day to meditate. It has been show even 30 minutes of meditation can be a huge gain for you personally. Obviously the longer the time that you can meditate the better results you will see. Also, when you gain the skills necessary to meditate you can easily incorporate it into your day when you are on the go. Many people are able to do it while they take walks, bike rides, in the office, etc. There are many methods and techniques that will help you achieve a meditative state.

Meditation allows you to bridge all levels of your consciousness with the Force. Meditation makes you aware of life, thoughts, and your inner self. Through meditation you can see the real you, feel the light, and achieve inner peace.

Written for The Jediism Way by Jedi Xhaiden