The Jedi Truisms are the next part in the foundation of a Jedi. A truism is a self-evident truth. The Jedi Truisms are exactly that. A self-evident truth that every Jedi must live by. Many of the Truisms you will find below most people already live by as an unspoken personal code. When learning to become a Jedi however all of these parts that make up the foundation need to be learned no matter how simple or basic they may seem to us.


It is a Jedi’s duty to become highly proficient in the many skills and abilities required of a Jedi mentally and physically. To become so skilled takes many years of focused and extensive training and learning. To become highly proficient you must train your mind and body, so when you are confronted with a challenge in life, you are so well trained you all ready know what to do. We are to show great strength and courage in times of adversity.


A Jedi is to uphold what is right, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, and the law. We are to treat everyone with the same fairness and respect; all are equal in the eyes of the Force. A Jedi seeks the right and just path, being mindful of the actions of the people we are seeking to protect and our own actions as well. A Jedi’s actions should always be seen as just, never selfish or irrational by others who are observing.


To defend is not necessarily implying a physical activity. A Jedi’s first line of defense is their mind. Jedi always strive to avoid physical conflict at all cost but in case the defense of someone or ourselves results in physical activity we are to be prepared. A majority of situations can be diffused, just by our choice of words.


A Jedi will always show courage in the face of adversity. To let fear take a hold of you will lead you down a path not wanting to be travelled. Take that fear, learn from it, and move on using what you learned. Do not step away from a task due to fear or being scared. Learn from those emotions then let them go and face the challenge in a smart and intelligent manor.


Training is a key component to the Jedi. You must constantly be training your mind, body, and spirit. Training will allow you to be ready for any mental or physical obstacle you may come across in your path.

To train is to teach your mind, body, and spirit how to act in times of need. To learn how to do this you must set yourself a routine that is vigorous mentally and physically. It’s not the quantity of training; it’s the quality of training.


A Jedi must take all things with moderation and self-control. To be one who does not overindulge, and one who does not allow reckless emotions to guide one’s decisions or actions. A Jedi does not over react, we show control over our decisions. To apply this to your life takes much discipline and hard work.


It is a Jedi’s duty to work with others for the sake of making everyone’s views and opinions heard and understood. This does not mean you have to always agree with everyone but work together to reach a common goal.


A Jedi has unwavering adherence to a strict moral and ethical code while being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. Every country and society has its own standards of moral right and wrong so caution is to be taken when visiting a different country or society.


A Jedi’s first loyalty is to the Force and to each other. Loyalty also means being dependable, devoted, accountable, and being responsible for our words and actions. In being loyal to the Force and each other, we strive to do our best to improve ourselves, those around us, and our communities. We help when we can, offer advice when asked, or just listen to others when they need someone to listen to them.


A Jedi must be focused at all times. To lose focus is to fall off the path. When a Jedi is focused it will allow them to be more observant of their surroundings. To lose focus of your surroundings could be detrimental for a Jedi. A Jedi must also remain focused on their studies. To lose focus when you are training your mind or body could cause great harm to yourself or others. Do not let that focus take control. There is a difference between being focused and being so focused you lose your awareness of your surroundings. When that balance is found you have found true focus.


A Jedi should live a life worthy of public esteem, to be viewed as a person of value and a credit to their community. However, we are to be careful that we do not act so we can receive public esteem. We act and live for the improvement of the lives around us.


A Jedi is to use extraordinary sagacity when dealing with ourselves and with all of humanity so that none shall fear or question our motives or our efforts, and all shall come peacefully to the Force. A Jedi exercises their most profound wisdom in ensuring our actions are wholly of a beneficial nature, beyond reproach and admired by all humanity. We do not act to seek rewards or benefits. We do because it is what’s right.


A Jedi is humble before the power of the Force. Just as the Force flows through every rock, leaf, or creature without becoming noticeable, a Jedi flows through life without becoming noticeable. Humility is the essence of the Jedi. With Heart, a Jedi knows that the only meaningful reward is the satisfaction of having done the right thing. A Jedi is to be humble before all, not modest, but humble.


A Jedi shows compassion, sympathy, and understanding for all humanity. This means not you have to agree with all views and opinions but you should show and understanding and respectfulness of all views and opinions. To do this a Jedi needs to have a love of all life and an understanding that all are equal in the eyes of the Force. To show true empathy takes a complete understanding and application of all truisms and the Jedi Code.

Written for The Jediism Way by Jedi Xhaiden with contributions from Tatsutsume and Kitaru Sapien.