Unification In the Force:
All of this leads to a synthesis of knowledge about how the Force works, moves, and affects the world around us. Yet, it is helpful to have a simple way of looking at how all these parts fit together in the whole of something that ultimately is everything.

The Living Force provides all energy in existence, and provides limitless energy through the Personal Force of all things in existence. This is due to the fact that the Guiding Force sets in motion the goal of its own expansion within itself, and thereby guides all things to do better for it and themselves.

Balance in the Force:
This last section explores the greatest myth and mystery the Force has ever seemed to have: balance.

What is Balance in The Force?
The first step to comprehending something is to truly know how the words are being used. Balance in the Force does not in any way relate to some balancing of good and evil, chaos or peace, or right and wrong, but instead relates to a concept of functionality and the cycle of life. The Force promotes life, which is at least from our point of view on a planet filled with life, very obvious. Yet, it also promotes life only in so far as that life promotes life. Therefore any life using the Force to act against life, as a whole or in part, acts against the Force, and thereby creates an imbalance. This imbalance is minor, but significant in that it is an imbalance more in the Personal Force of a Force-using person than in the whole of the Force, or the Living Force. The gains of this imbalance, no matter what they may be, are insignificant when compared to the limitations it presents. One who uses the Force to act against life finds theirself quickly loosing a great deal of their connection to the Guiding and Living aspects of the Force. As a result it is a dangerous path one takes to causing imbalance with the intent of causing imbalance, for their own Personal Force maintains this pattern even when they themselves have left the action. Balance may be regained, but only with effort in these situations. This is a warning to all Jedi, seek balance within the Force: support life, and do not act against that which you act with.

The Light Side, and the Dark Side of the Force?
Ultimately there is no Light or Dark Side within the Force, there are only Light and Dark Sides within a person, this can be debated but, ultimately the debate is unimportant for the reason that being the effects are the same. The only truly “Dark” act is to act against life, and thereby imbalance ones self, and the only truly “Light” act is to act on behalf of life, and thereby bring balance to ones self. Everything else is just over complexity and while of interest from a point of view of wishing to know more the importance of weather or not the Force has a Light or Dark side is irrelevant because to a Jedi the outcome is more important. One who supports life is more in tune with the whole of the Force, and one who opposes life is more out of attunement with the Force. Ultimately, one who wishes to tap into the “Dark Side”, as it were, or make use of methods that oppose life, finds a quick swell of pride and ego, which do wonders for the Personal Force in the short run, and leave their connection to the Living and Unifying Force in shambles. Once the initial high of having caused this imbalance is over (the high being a result more likely of the conflict between what one knows is right, and what one believes is right) the user of such methods finds themselves powerless, or at the least lacking in power, guidance, and a sense of self and purpose. This path can be taken but it is not recommended.

The other Dark Side?
A great many people claim to be following a pathless, guidingless, and ultimately uncaring path they call the “Dark Side” or “Dark Path”. They claim this is the counter-path to “The Light Path” and that it is simply action without consequence within The Force, or more over, action without concern of consequence. This does not necessarily lead to an imbalance in The Force, and as a result is not necessarily a bad idea in general. This is far from a concept of striking out to take lives for the sake of pleasure, or to take lives at all, but a pathless kind of path. As a result there is usually a great confusion amongst people when referring to Light and Dark Paths and Sides within the Force.

A Conclusion:
Remember, during your time on this forum you will hear of paths, ideas, concepts, and ways of life. Do not judge a book by its cover, many who claim a path claim the title because it seems right to them to call it that, consider the definitions you have seen here before determining not only what you believe, but what you believe others may believe. You could be surprised by the friendly “Dark-Siders” and unfriendly “Light-Siders” you will run into in your life in general, for definitions vary between people.

Written for The Jediism Way by Lightningstrike