What is it?
The Personal Force is, simply put, the field of energy one single person has available to them at any one time. This is their life energy, being emitted from for flowing through their body.

How does it work?
The Personal Force works through the will of the person making use of it. It is an extension of their will, thoughts, and mental status. A person that is in a state of joy emits a Personal Force with a state of joy. Likewise, a person in disarray emits a Personal Force of disarray. The Personal Force also acts as a radar screen; anything within it can have information garnered about it. Likewise the opposite is true, anything within the Personal Force may learn of that which is emanating the Personal Force as it acts like a carrier wave of information. The Personal Force, as it is an extension of the self can be controlled through control of the self, the self’s thoughts, and the self’s emotions.

How does it affect me?
The Personal Force is not only a direct measure of your vitality and health in life; it is a measure of your will, your mind, body, soul unification, and personal well being. Likewise anything that affects your Personal Force in a negative way affects the whole of your being in a negative way. In this respect the Personal Force is representative of your self within the Force.

How does it affect others around me?
Your Personal Force is constantly affecting others around you, whether or not you are aware of it. Altering moods, situations, and even the health of others are just a few examples of the potential in your Personal Force. It also allows others to feel how and what you are feeling, and to empathize with you and even uplift you in times of need.

How does a Jedi relate to this aspect of the Force?
This is the aspect of the Force that a Jedi uses the most, primarily because it is the aspect a person in general has the most control over. However a Jedi is aware of the Personal Force’s limitations, it is after all an extension of self, and does not rely on it as much for guidance. Instead a Jedi bolsters themselves with their Personal Force, uses it to alter the world around them, and to alter their self directly.

This aspect is the most important because it is not only the representation of one’s life, but it is what allows a persons uniqueness and the ability to affect the world around them.

Written for The Jediism Way by Lightningstrike