4/19/23 Update – Due to a lot going on this has taken while but we are close on having a brand new Jediism community!


Countless men and women amongst us, both common, and giant, have been influenced by history: historical acts; historical figures; and historical groups. Generals; politicians; and business leaders continue to draw also from fables and mythology. Chaucer’s tales, brothers grim, Aesops tales, Homer’s Iliad and Odessy to name an important few. These have connected with people in such ways as to influence groups and individuals to aspire to greater things. Our history owes many things to men’s actions who were inspired by stories.

The community of Jediism today, those who connected with the stories in Star Wars, share the belief in an open concept of divine power known as ‘the Force’. Many aspire further to the concepts in the stories, living their lives similarly to that which they connected with in these tales, with many of those who, by extrapolation, are living life as a full Jedi in todays world.

The Jediism Way provides a complete community for its members to enjoy! Here is a little of what you will find in this community.

  • Information about the Jedi path and Jediism
  • The Great Library of the Jedi which contains over 300 writings by Jedi
  • A large discussion forum
  • jStream which allows you to post status updates and talk with fellow Jedi
  • A great chat room to chat live with other Jedi
  • Community Map which allows you to find Jedi around the world
  • Member Gallery, view photos of fellow Jedi
  • Maintain your own Holocron (blog)
  • Community Calendar
  • Member Groups
  • Information about where and how you can train to advance yourself as a Jedi

The best part of this community, its members. Registration is fast, free, and allows you to participate in a great community with great people!

We hope you decide to become a part of the Jediism Way. We welcome everyone, Jedi or not, if you are in for some great discussions and fellowship take a look around the site!

Jedi Community

Home for Jediism Members

The Jediism Community is a new social network & forum for the Jedi. This is a place for Jedi to come together, have some fun, share, and learn in a place that is made for Jedi!


Modern Jedi Order

We host the Modern Jedi Order which is a Jedi Order that is created with the the modern day Jedi in mind. To learn more check out our section on the site called The Jedi Order. Check back soon for more developments on the Jedi Order!!